Five Web trend predictions for 2020 that you should definitely get to know!

Yes, 2020 is coming. We’re about to start a new decade. We wanted to close this year by reviewing our favorites Web Trends that will keep on leading web design and functionalities for the next 12 months.

Minimalism: minimalism is here to stay… Most likely forever. As we keep on thinking as a global society about the waste we produce and the importance of conscious consumption it is not a surprise minimalist layout and design have now a strong impact in the way we consume information.

Perfectly imperfect: Users love high quality images and flawless 3D design. This trend came to balance out its apparent perfect traits with a sprinkle of human touch. In years to come we will notice an increase in the usage of hand made elements, bringing life to websites. Those elements, that look so “imperfect” can actually pave the way towards perfection.

Diversity: representation has been intensively discussed in the last few years. People want to see themselves represented in whatever communication means reaches them. As we humans are very different but also very similar, websites should portray this reality. In the years to come we will be seeing an effort towards including diversity and different identities on the Web.

Micro-interaction: the use of animation for communication can be really efficient in order to express the emotions we want to deliver in a digital experience. Remember, the Microinteractions are not exclusively about looking good, instead, they achieve communication status and provide feedback, helping people getting a response from their actions.

Inclusive Design: considering the importance of delivering web experiences that reach a larger amount of users, plus the improvement of accessibility of content, webs will start to offer different functionalities, helping people with different capabilities. A very practical examples are the websites that consider colorblind users by combining the use of colors and symbols.

Trends can be infinite. But here there are some we consider “the most important”.

Let us know which trends you think are missing or any other you would like to propose.

Until the next post,


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